Our Process Services & Rates

Our rates for Service of Process vary based on the origin of the client, where the service attempts will occur, and most importantly, the volume of usage per month.

Legal Papers works with clients of all shapes and sizes – regardless of the volume of cases, we can provide a solution. Call our sales division today and find out that we’re not the most expensive, just the most experienced!

Call Our Office for Rate Quotes. Fees Starting as low as $ 40.00.

410-823-4444, option #2 or Contact Us online

Legal Papers, Inc. Additional Services Pricing
Bad Address Attempt (based on volume) Prices Negotiated
Bad Addresses (Full Served Fee applies to: Eastern Shore, Allegheny,

Garrett, Frederick & Washington Counties)

Prices Negotiated
Canceled Case  1/2 Served Fee
Email/Fax printing/Copying fees $0.50/Page
Evasion/Due Diligence Affidavits $30.00
Stake-Out / Police Officer Service / Testify in Court $75/Hour
Pick Ups/Stamp at Courthouse Based on Messenger
Relocated Address $35.00
Rush Service Attempt $50.00
Service Same Address 30+ Minutes Apart Full Price

For Out of State Service Fees, Call 410-823-4444 ext 122

For Skip Tracing & Locator Database Fees, call 410-823-4444 option #3

All invoices are to be paid within 30 days from the date of the original invoice. A late fee of $10 per each case is applied after this 30-day grace period, unless previously negotiated and/or volume discounts apply.

All out of state service of process matters are a prepaid $175.