Sales Associate Buy-In Partner

Recession-Proof Business • Steady Income • Flexible Hours.

Are you experienced in sales and thinking of owning your own PROFITABLE home-based business?
Looking for personal growth?

Sales Associate Buy-In Partner Commisions are residual

Established in 1987, Legal Papers is a private process serving company that delivers court papers.

As a Legal Papers, Inc. Sales Associate, you will utilize your sales skills in signing on clients such as law firms, litigation attorneys, and collection agencies.

As a Sales Associate Buy-In Partner, you:

  • Own your own sales territory with a few zip codes, or buy an entire county. Your choice.
  • Pay a minimal startup fee based on your desired personal growth. Fees start at $500 and financing is available through PayPal.
  • Have access 24/7 to sales and software training to reach your full financial potential.
  • Apply for your choice of a Full Time or Part Time sales associate partnership.

How the Legal Papers Sales Cycle Works:

  • Client forwards lawsuit papers to Legal Papers for delivery.
  • The Private Process Server completes the delivery.
  • Legal Papers invoices the Client
  • Sales Associate is paid biweekly